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Campground fun

We enjoy many activities and events at the park. Early June we have the Annual Kelly Lake Sportsman's Club Kid's Fishing Derby in the main park area. Free for all kids with food and fun for the whole family. We have bingo in the seasonal area every 3rd Saturday. We have a Meet N' Greet social on Memorial Day weekend and a potluck periodically throughout the summer starting with spring cleanup day and ending with fall clean up day. Every evening the campfires light up the park with food on the grill, eating, drinks, laughter and much camaraderie!  Some nights bean toss is a favorite that many of the adults enjoy. We have a bean toss game for the kiddos as well. We also have lots of kids activities always going on during the day as their are many crafty mom's and grandmas in the park. We are a family here at Holt Park Campground and the people are fun and friendly, always looking out for each other and all the children.

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